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Follow these links to recent human rights news items, reports and statements:

Country Report on Human Rights Practices / Cambodia - 2002; Released by the US Department of State's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor; 31Mar03

Official: U.S. aid at risk if Cambodia doesn't fight human trafficking; Chris Decherd, Associated Press, 24Jan03

Cambodia: Protect Montagnard Refugees Fleeing Vietnam; Human Rights Watch, 25Sep02

UN Refugees in Cambodia Forced into Hiding after Chinese Embassy Instigates Deportation of Refugee Couple to China; Falun Dafa Information Center, 20Aug02

Innocent Prisoners: a LICADHO report on the rights of children growing up in prisons; Hillary Margolis, June 2002

Street Retribution in Cambodia; Report by the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Human Rights in Cambodia, 06Jun02 (click link below to download the 1MB report in PDF format)

click here to download file

Amnesty International's Report on Cambodia, 2001

NICFEC Cambodian Commune Council Election Report 2001-02

Cambodia's Commune Elections: Setting The Stage For The 2003 National Elections; Human Rights Watch, April 2002

Vietnam's Repression of Montagnards: Land Grabbing, Church Destruction, and Police Abuse in the Central Highlands; Human Rights Watch, 23Apr02

Montagnard Asylum Rights Threatened; Human Rights Watch, 04Apr02

Resolution in the case of Chhang Song, Siphan Phay and Pou Savath; Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, 23Mar02

ADHOC; Publications and Reports

Amnesty International; Reports and Statements on Cambodia

Human Rights Watch; Reports and Statements on Cambodia

Licadho; Rape and Indecent Assault: Crimes in the Community

Less Than Human: Torture in Cambodia; A LICADHO Project Against Torture report by Jason Barber, June 2000

U.S. Department of State; Report on Human Rights Practices in Cambodia - 2001